About Us


The Black Professional Valuers Association (BPVA) was formed to address the historic and legacy imbalances within the property valuation industry. Black candidate valuer’s historically struggled to become professional valuer’s. As a result the industry does not reflect the the demographics of South Africa. BPVA aims to help transform representation withn the industry.  

We represents train and educate Black Professional and Candidate Valuer's. The BPVA also strives to create awareness within the public and private sector about the profession throught various initiatives .

Our existing Membership is in excess of 100 members which includes Professional Valuers


• Promote the profession to the general public

• Encourage members to further their knowledge on an ongoing basis in the interests of the advancement of professional valuation standards

• Bring about transformation and equity in the industry; 

• Promote the integrity of black valuer’s;

• Establish, uniform methods of valuing property; 

• Provide a forum to preserve and maintain its integrity and status and with all matters affecting the profession 

• Promote the interest of the BPVA and its Members in the Industry